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Re: Broadcasters' woes could spell trouble for free TV

This would make me sad. Granted, I don't watch much broadcast TV. Even if I had cable, I don't think I'd watch live TV much more anyway. As it is, I find it's cheaper to not pay for cable and instead save my money for the DVDs. (Occasionally, when I'm desperate to see the new Doctor Who specials, I'll come up with a clever pretext to visit my friends who have BBC America.) But even though I don't watch much broadcast TV, I still like to watch some, at least to have something on in the background.

Although, lately, I've been keeping such late hours. Most of what's on late at night is nothing but paid programming. Occasionally, I'll pick up a piece of Perry Mason on ABC15 or Poker After Dark on NBC. More often, I've been watching some of the few free 24 hour stations, like the 3 different versions of PBS or THiS (mostly old movies, with some reruns of Mr. Ed, The Outer Limits, Patty Duke, & Sea Hunt thrown in).

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This certainly has interesting implications for the whole Star Trek-back-on-TV problem. CBS owns the rights but the broadcast model is just totally wrong for a space opera series. However, if CBS were to become a cable channel...hmmm!
How does broadcast vs. cable make a difference for Star Trek? I must have missed that conversation.

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They'll fight to keep the free signal on the air... And that will be because losing free TV discriminates against the poor.
Or so they like to claim.

In Australian there's anti-syphoning law which requires that the free to air networks get first dibs on bids for major sporting events. The networks like this and claim that it must stay so that people can watch the sport for free.

Problem is that these networks sometimes take scorched earth approach. they'll buy the rights and then not show it but they've ensured that no-one else gets it.

Or they show the sports event but in a half arsed measure (delayed coverage that's presented as live, selected highlight packages, limited coverage etc).
Well, that's bad when they manipulate the rules to prevent anyone from airing certain events. However, I'd say that sports should be on free TV whenever possible simply because there's now so much public money that has been spent on all these new stadiums. (I don't know if that's the case in Australia but it certainly is here in the U.S.) Frankly, some of these teams have taken such generous advantage of the taxpayer funded stadiums that part of me wants the government to just eminent domain all their asses. (I'm especially f---ing pissed at the Phoenix Coyotes. Only a few years after Glendale built a shiny new arena for them so they'd stop bitching about the obstructed view seating at the USAirways Center, they're still talking about moving the team to Hamilton, Canada.)
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