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Virtual Firefly Rises Again in 2010

Hi all. Some of you may remember or might've checked out Virtual Firefly, a virtual series project which released its first episode four years ago. Since 2005, we've rounded out Joss Whedon’s first season with an additional seven episodes (culminating in a season finale adapted from the comic miniseries “Those Left Behind”) and adapted the story of Serenity into our 22-episode second season, telling the tale the way Whedon might have told it had he been given a full season rather than 2 hours.

2010 is the year we rise again.

Later this year we will release the first episodes of our third season, which will pick up in the aftermath of the Miranda broadwave.

But first, all 29 of our previously released episode-length scripts will be “re-mastered” and “re-issued” in a format similar to the Firefly Visual Companions. These new releases will include writer and crew commentary, as well as virtual casting notes.

If you’re not familiar with our project, now is a great time to catch up. And if you’ve already read and enjoyed our episodes, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing them fully re-mastered with new content we know our fans will love.

Whether you want to read our episodes for the first time or see them as you’ve never seen them before, head over to to keep up-to-date on our release schedule. You can also find us on facebook, at

With our re-mastered episodes scheduled to begin in January, and all-new Season Three episodes on the way this summer, you’ll get new Firefly content almost every week of 2010!

* * * * *

And if you think you’ve got what it takes, consider joining our crew. We’ve always got an eye out for skilled writers and editors who can work in our collaborative “writers’ room” environment.

We’re also actively looking for art to help spruce up the pages of re-mastered episodes (which will also be released as full-length Visual Companions later this year).

Finally, if you’re tech-savvy and would like to help maintain our website and forum, we can always use another “mechanic.” Many hands make light work!

If interested, please join us on the forums at, or send an e-mail direct to the project’s head writer, George, at You can also contact me (DigificWriter) at, or via PM on this forum.
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