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I actually found yoga workouts available on Netflix instant streaming. I might try one of them out sometime.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to get over being sick. I worked out two days ago (the first time in 12 days), and it went very poorly.

I found two Vinyasa Flow workouts on dvd...we'll see how it goes.
I hope you enjoy it. If you do, I'd recommend Yoga to the People's free podcasts. I really enjoyed it, but I've not been able to work out for a month now, I'm just in too much pain. My joints, my muscles, and my general exhaustion have kept me from getting any exercise at all. I still walk home over the bridge -- and get an average of 8 miles walking in a day, but I just can't do any more.

I'm really anxious to get back to exercising, but I'll have to see what the doctor's tests say and go from there.

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