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Marvel Teases Year of Spider-Man

Marvel comics has released two jigsaw puzzle pieces that give clues to what their plans are for their flagship character in 2010. This article has both pictures along with some speculation:

I guess after the Gauntlet story line concludes we are going to finally be told what happened at Peter and Mary Jane's wedding. I must admit that now that I've read most of the trades from Brand New Day (I'm waiting for Crime and Punishment and American Son from the library) and while I'm still not going to buy any Spider-Man due to One More day the stories have intrigued me. I'm still interested to see what kind of role Peter will have in Norman's eventual downfall at the end of Dark Reign and the Siege.

It's early but so far DC's recent announcements have me way more excited for their material than Marvel, Earth One alone has me salivating as some of you know from my posts in that thread. Second Coming in the X-Men books is intriguing (just because of the rampant Jean Grey return rumors and her being tied in to Hope Summers).
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