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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

Silver TriBells wrote: View Post
Mmm! Thank you, oh sweet providers of pictures. Nimoy, Quinto-- it's all Spock, so it's all good!

Love your caption on the ice cream pic, TheJosmo. I know he's Sylar there, but I can't help but imagine Spock being tricked into eating ice cream and complaining that it's illogically cold (which I believe was Ross Gellar's complaint against it, too).

Ohhhh TheJosmos, FANTASTIC choice of photos. I love the one in the white trousers as well. Mmmm his eyes are so alive in it. And mmmm the ice cream one. Yay!

Silver TriBells, that ice cream would not only be cold to Spock, but it should also be chocolate. Then the fun would start. DARK chocolate. WOO!

TheJosmo wrote: View Post
Random thought: why hasn't he been on any of those Rolex ads in magazines? A bunch of other actors have, and he's played a watchmaker!
Because the watches are barely remaining in their solid and working state while strapped to his wrist. His hotness destroys all.
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