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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Yes, that is what I asked for. I wanted to know what image Christpher had in mind when he imagined T'Ryssa Chen. I can see how the woman who plays Michelle Lee doesn't give the sense of the character of Tryss, and definitely not Lucy Liu. We can't just say, well, she's got some Chinese blood so she should be acted by any Asian woman.

We've been playing this game for years. I recall threads on the S&S forum going back four years at least, in which Marco Palmieri, for one, would claim it was a huge waste of time, and then follow up with his castings. (ugh! That sounds like something a worm would do, LOL!)

I'm not sure, as I only ever poke my head in every so often, but I think the person you pick is supposed to actually be able to do the role. I believe that is how the game is played. So it's not really narrow-minded if one person replies that he doesn't think the actress someone else picked can carry of the role. I think that's actually a valid difference of opinion.

Anyhow, I like the image I have for Tryss and I may come back with a better suggestion after I read a few more books, so... can we move on to Jasminder?

My difficult thing about Jasminder, oddly enough, is that I can't tell if she's Hindu or Buddhist. If she's like Gandhi, which would be most likely were she living in Calcutta today, then she would be with the saffron robe and the red spot on her head. I don't see that. She seems more like a Hindu/American woman who has been liberated but who has returned to her roots in the form of Mahayana Buddhism. And that gives me a totally different impression. Picard treats her like she's a Buddhist, but the books in her library seem to lean the direction of Ramakrishna or Yogananda, who both taught their followers to study all the world's scriptures, not just the Vedas.

I think, regarding Choudhury, it is going to take more reading before I come down with an image, much less an actress who could play her.

She's not like a Bollywood woman at all. She's very Westernized. I can't even think of an Indian actress outside of Bollywood. Oh yeah, Padma Lakshmi, but she's more a cooking show host than an actress. And she already has a Trek role.

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