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Re: Broadcasters' woes could spell trouble for free TV

Yeah Americans figure that American culture is sink or swim, baby. There's so much of it, why take sides? One show is cancelled, one movie bombs, there's a dozen more right behind it. Sure, we squall when a favorite goes under, and we see it here all the time (keep flying, Browncoats!), but there's always a new favorite to squall about.

If anyone dared subsidize an otherwise unprofitable show, squallers would vastly outnumber the fans who are pleased - which do you bring back, Dollhouse or Firefly? or why not another season of Jericho? and Chuck's gonna need some help pretty soon. But wait, doesn't ENT deserve another shot? Nobody with any sense is going to get into the middle of that mess.

Here's what the government should be doing - imposing a la carte cable TV pricing. According to the LA Times, it's not impossible - could even happen this year.

Don't be surprised if 2010 is finally the year that Washington forces cable operators to offer subscribers the option to choose the networks they want rather than pay for a bundle of channels they don't. The "a la carte" issue will upend the industry, especially for the owners of sports channels.
Yay! Let me finally drop kick ESPN and all the sports channels I have less than no interest in.
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