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Re: Broadcasters' woes could spell trouble for free TV

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In fact our cable tv bill has just gone up 1.5% due a levy that now has to be paid that will funnel money to the free to air broadcasters to help them keep "local content".

And frankly I think it's a load of shit.
You're right - why should you have to pay more money for something that can't support itself? It's incumbent on broadcasters, who are allegedly in a for-profit business, to give people stuff they're willing to pay to see (and you pay for "free" TV via the ads). If it's not profitable, then too bad for that thing. You don't see the government paying Coca-Cola to make raspberry flavored Coke just because some bureaucrat likes raspberries, do you?
Part of it, I think, has to do with our somewhat protectionist attitude towards Canadian culture. Since so much of our television is simulcast with the United States, the idea is we pay a little more to keep Canadian- and locally-produced content alive. You can agree or disagree with it as you like, but that's the logic.

Personally, I just avoid the whole thing by not having cable.
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