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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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No, I'm not assuming you are an idiot, from the way you conduct yourself in these parts, that is far from what I think of you, yet you continue to believe that certain actors can not perform a certain part, the only way you can know they can't is by having them come in and audition for said part, but as we can't do that in this thread, any and all suggestions should be vallied regardless of what you, I or Joe Blogs thinks.
What the hell are you TALKING about???? The subject under discussion is the casting for a character that I created, a character I have a very clear mental image of. People are asking if certain actresses are a good fit for my image of her, and I'm offering my opinions in response to those questions, based on what I know about them. That seems perfectly straightforward to me. You're twisting it in some bizarre way I can't begin to understand. You're talking as though it's somehow unjust for me to express my opinions and impressions. I'm not asserting anything as a fact. I'm just giving my impressions, which is what I THOUGHT people in this thread were asking me for.
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