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Re: Broadcasters' woes could spell trouble for free TV

I would think that the broadcast model would have some life in it, as a venue for very mass-market stuff aimed at folks who simply refuse to pay a dime for TV (there are still some) or who aren't too fussy about what they watch.

But all the good stuff is on cable anyway. So if NBC or another network jumps into the cable foray, why the heck not? At least then they might show something decent.

This certainly has interesting implications for the whole Star Trek-back-on-TV problem. CBS owns the rights but the broadcast model is just totally wrong for a space opera series. However, if CBS were to become a cable channel...hmmm!
In fact our cable tv bill has just gone up 1.5% due a levy that now has to be paid that will funnel money to the free to air broadcasters to help them keep "local content".

And frankly I think it's a load of shit.
You're right - why should you have to pay more money for something that can't support itself? It's incumbent on broadcasters, who are allegedly in a for-profit business, to give people stuff they're willing to pay to see (and you pay for "free" TV via the ads). If it's not profitable, then too bad for that thing. You don't see the government paying Coca-Cola to make raspberry flavored Coke just because some bureaucrat likes raspberries, do you?
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