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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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^Why are you assuming I'm an idiot? I know perfectly well that it's possible for actors to assume multiple different roles. What I'm saying -- and I'm amazed I have to explain something as straightforward as this -- is that if the question is whether a given actress is right for a certain role, I need to know if she's capable of pulling off that characterization. That has nothing to do with assuming she's only capable of one characterization overall. I mean, come on, this is obviously a part of any casting process. The person needs to demonstrate that they're able to play the character you're casting for. Why is that not a given here? Why are you arguing with me about this?
No, I'm not assuming you are an idiot, from the way you conduct yourself in these parts, that is far from what I think of you, yet you continue to believe that certain actors can not perform a certain part, the only way you can know they can't is by having them come in and audition for said part, but as we can't do that in this thread, any and all suggestions should be vallied regardless of what you, I or Joe Blogs thinks.

And am I argueing with you, I guess it depends on what you class as an argument and how much of a persecution complex you may or may not have? I just thought it was healthy debate and putting across a somewhat vallied point and an alternative viewpoint.
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