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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

^Why are you assuming I'm an idiot? I know perfectly well that it's possible for actors to assume multiple different roles. What I'm saying -- and I'm amazed I have to explain something as straightforward as this -- is that if the question is whether a given actress is right for a certain role, I need to know if she's capable of pulling off that characterization. That has nothing to do with assuming she's only capable of one characterization overall. I mean, come on, this is obviously a part of any casting process. The person needs to demonstrate that they're able to play the character you're casting for. Why is that not a given here? Why are you arguing with me about this?

All I'm saying is that it's impossible to cast a role based solely on a photograph, because that doesn't tell me anything about the person's range as a performer and whether they'd be good in a particular role. Why is that so hard to understand?
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