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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

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The first episode I watched was Spock's brain...and I loved it. (Sylar might like it though.)

Am I slow on the uptake or what? That is honestly the first time I've realized what a hi-larious parody could be smashed together from Sylar and Spock's Brain. If that doesn't already exist, somebody's been slacking.

Hm, now I wonder, if Sylar had the power to remove the brain without splitting the skull and killing the person and then return it once he was done extracting their power, would he enjoy it? Or does he enjoy killing the person in the process. *chin strokey*

Would Spock kick his ass once he and his brain were united? But yes, someone should do that parody. Totally.
Well, when he extracted Claire's powers, he didn't want to kill her for some reason ( could it possibly be that he thought she was too cool? ) If so, he couldn't possibly wanna kill superawesomepwnage Mister Spock, and just wanted the power of logic!
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