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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

well lets see..

it begs the question.. what type of series the new trek would be? exploring (Tos, Tng, Ent) Station, arc driven (ds9) overall problem arc (voyager) or something new?

does it have a begining middle end? (B5)

the type of show determines who would be cast.. becasue each show has a different type of captain, and as which, would have a type of person to play them, regardless of male/female race etc.

on that love to see
Nicole Deboer (Ezri) and the aventine just because the chief engineer has my last name!
Ken wantanabe (though i belive he has health problems.. not sure) for an asian captain.
Samuel L. Jackson? ( wouldn't that be a hoot!)

a good series in my mind and cover some missing years..

Alan Ruck and Jacquelin Kim as Harriman, and Demora Sulu( enterprise B series she'd be first officer, then take over after the tomed incedent, as in the novels, and would be a good story device of the captian retiring! and there the right age still..)
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