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Re: TOS Caption Contest #157: No Time To Say Hello, Goodbye ...

Khan: "When I awoke, there was a young man with a bad haircut, suckling from me as if I were his mother..."
Kirk: "Chekov..."

Kirk: "That's it, five years is enough of this. Everytime you two glance at each other, I get a face full of homoerotic subtext. Now cut it out, or go on separate shifts."

Uhura os: "Try looking at the back of an egotistical asshole for five years."

Kirk: "Janice, I'm sorry... I was wrong, you don't have fat calves... Janice? Listen, honey. We're in the middle of a situation here. I need to get to the transporter room...

... Spock take a note. Either transfer the neurotic bitch off this ship, or get another turbolift installed on the bridge...

Janice honey, can we talk about this?"
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