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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

I finally watched this one from DVD yesterday.
The first Transformers was not the most perfect film but was nontheless an entertaining action film with OK plot and cool robots and action.
I actually thought that the second fiom would be much better thna the first one, but..boy, was I so wrong

The Bad Stuff:

- The Screeplay. The story..or more the lack of it, is pretty horrible. The GI JOE film is almost Shakespeare compared to this one. Its difficult to believe that two the writers wrote the new Star Trek. There was als just too many plot holes.
I could honestly write a better script or at least edit this one.
- Acting was quite bad. Megan Fox, who is not that hot, cannot act at all. Even Shia was bad in this one.
- Annoying humour and comedic characters. There was allready too much humour in the first film and it only got worst in this one. I sincerely hoped that a nuke would land and kill the boys parents..the mother should win the most annoying character 2009 award. Also I wished that the two babling autobots would just kindly shut up. And dont get me started with the humping dogs..
- Sexism. This film does not have any decent female characters, which is a damn shame. I somehow disliked the fact that almost all women in this film acted, talked and looked like pornstars. This film would deserve an attack by an agry feminist group, if any.
- Many parts of the film seemed more like advertisement about the US military. I know Bay loves his gun porn but this was allready bit too much.
- The National Security adviser, the jerk with the suit and glasses, was cliche. And are we expected to believe that President Obama would hire that kind of idiot?!?

The Good Stuff:

- The music was pretty good in this one.
- The fights between the robots where well done and the special effects where great.

All in all, this film left me numb because it was so dumb.
If they still make a 3rd film, please let Steven Spielberg direct, write an actual story to it..and also kill the parents and Megan Foxes characters. Thank You
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