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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

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Every original series DVD, including the very first single disc releases, are remastered.
Paramount released TOS non remastered in 2004 on 3 DVD box set that you can still buy, and i have them, they are not remastered versions, the cage on disc 7 is still a mix of coulor/black white just like the old cic videos.

trevanian wrote: View Post

Just creating this option done with -R is something I find worthwhile to complain about. I don't want 'real' Vegas matted into backgrounds of ONE FROM THE HEART (which CHOSE to use miniatures for BGS), anymore than I want ultracrisp new RP plates for CASABLANCA's driving scenes.

While I can see the failing in MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES' visual effects, I don't see any value in just switching them out for fancier but cartoony equivalents ... I COULD see remaking that movie though, because it is something that could be retold in a more interesting way than it was the first time.

But if the thread IS a waste of time, then somebody should close it.
The point being you dont have to watch TOS remastered versions and im sure nobody is forcing you to do so, so go and watch TOS as it was originally made, if you dont already own them on some format you can still buy them, so there you go, all sorted.

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