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TOS Caption Contest #157: No Time To Say Hello, Goodbye ...

Hiya, folks.

Finally getting back into a groove from the holiday. Lots of family, and the aggravating ones couldn't make it.

Your captions that made me spill my stockings were:

SRFX wrote: View Post

Kirk: "Excellent! The plot device has arrived."

Corallis wrote: View Post

Kirk: 'Helen, you know I can't go when somebody's watching...'

Isis wrote: View Post

When Kirk started smelling every set of wind chimes he could get his hands on, McCoy knew it was time to take him off active duty.

Jonas Grumby wrote: View Post

Kirk: "It's Aramis alright! We're on the right trail; Sulu definitely came this way!"

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

scottyclaus wrote: View Post

captain crow wrote: View Post

Noel: That will be $12.98. Please pull your Rascal Scooter up to the next window to collect your order.
johcomp wrote: View Post

Dr Conetits: Make suggestions about me shaving again then, Fuckhead, I dare you!!!
scottyclaus wrote: View Post
Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

KIRK: No one will notice if I open just one.

Very nicely done, all.

This week's shots are a mixed bag:

And the oddball is:

I think we'll probably need a "dick in the door" joke running tally.

Joe, tally-runner
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