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The Animated Series Caption Contest #17: Painful Silence

Hiya, folks.

Just a little late getting back on track from the holidays. Hope everyone had at least a decent time. I was up until 4 am Christmas Eve putting together a damned pretend baby-changing table for my daughter that was designed and manufactured by the Devil himself.

But anyway, here we go. Your captions that set my toes to tappin' were:

Johnnyracefan wrote: View Post

McCoy: (Loud slapping sound) "Hi ya Toots!"
Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

ALIEN: Not everyone keeps their genitals in the same place.

SPOCK: Just let me know if I'm close.
Naughty Boy wrote: View Post

Gorn: "Come back to my place, baby. I promise I shall be merciful and quick."

Spock: "It's December and you haven't set your clock back an hour yet? No wonder we're always so fucking late to work."
Nicely done, all.

This week's bits are:

Have at it.

Joe, still finding bows in the couch cushions
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