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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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Of course, most people would probably say Lucy Liu with pointed ears.
What?? No, totally the wrong type for T'Ryssa. Profoundly the wrong type. That'd be like casting Leonard Nimoy as Chekov.

Although Lucy Liu does happen to be more or less my mental model for the leading lady in my story "The Hub of the Matter" which will be in the March issue of Analog.

Are you keeping it to yourself, Chris, or did you have a particular actress in mind? Perhaps Maggie Q?
No, she's not the right type either. Don't think glamorous and striking, think cute and tomboyish.

And I didn't have a particular actress in mind, no. I have a mental image of her, but it's not based on any single person.

Actually, after seeing Liza Lapira in a bigger role in a recent Dollhouse -- and seeing her without the facial piercings and a more attractive hairstyle -- I think she's closer to the right type than I did when Cybersnark first suggested it. I also think Smith Cho from the recent Knight Rider revival came pretty close. If you took the average of those two women, that might be pretty close to the mark in both looks and personality.
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