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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

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Man, oh, man. I've been ghosting around these forums for a couple weeks and this thread was responsible for me registering.

I'm 18 and only started watching Star Trek a year ago after I heard news of the new movie. The first episode I watched was Spock's brain...and I loved it. (Sylar might like it though.) I tried denying that I was in love with Leonard's Spock--an actor that is old enough to be my grandfather.
Saw the new movie the day I turned 18--May 9th in IMAX. Developed minor crush on Quinto-Spock that was completely shadowed by Nimoy. Found Nimoy even hotter in his non-Spock roles and stumbled upon some very sexy Sylar stuff.

Spock: bringing out the sexy actors since 1966.
Oh yeah baby

(I'm sure Zach won't mind...)

Now some Zach, of course:

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