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Kes7, I think that in the context of the world of "Restoration," it's interesting that your understandable umbrage at Colin stems partly from his ham fisted attempt at subtlety. In fact, if Colin is, indeed, a lothario, he kinda puts the "b" back in "subtle." But (and I grant that this might be wishful thinking; and who knows where Joel is planning on taking this character), I have a feeling that Colin's attempts at subtlety stem not necessarily entirely from sexual insidiousness on his part, but a robust cognizance that just about ANY of the objects of his ardor could kick his ass. I mean really!---he seems to have had an affair with an augment, and now he's cruising the Cardassian first officer. What's next, giving Karala the eye? I would NOT advise that, Mr. Groves.
That's a very good point. He may just be trying not to get killed or maimed, rather than actually manipulate these very strong women into believing he's genuine. (And yes, I agree he fails at subtlety, but he does seem to be at least trying.) Ham-fisted is a good way to describe him. He seems to think of himself as quite a player, but his weakness for women appears to bite him in the ass as often as not, as far as what little we've seen of him.

(Oh, and for the record, I didn't like Curzon Dax much, either.)

Food for thought, indeed! You know it's Trek, well-done, when it makes you think. Good job, Joel!
HAH! I KNEW you'd have disliked Curzon. I, too, often found him his overweening swagger to be unctuous in the extreme. But it was something of that same quality that made him the right person to build diplomatic bridges with the Klingons back in the day, all the way back in the mid 24th century. Jadzia wasn't a great fan of Curzon either; and neither was Ezri, I think, even after both female hosts gained a deeper and more nuanced understanding of Curzon after their respective joining.

I quite look forward to seeing if Colin proves to be as surprisingly competent as Curzon did. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a centuries old vermiform "worm" in his gut tempering his more callow characteristics.
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