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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

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^^When you think of it this whole thread is a "waste of time", every version is availble for everybody, people who dont like the remastered versions will or can have the original versions on DVD, the BR HD release has made it so anybody can pick what version of TOS they want to watch.

Its complaining for the sake of complaining, its not like the original version have been replaced, people who don't want to watch the remastered versions are not going to go out on buy them now are they, so i fail to see whats to complain about.
Just creating this option done with -R is something I find worthwhile to complain about. I don't want 'real' Vegas matted into backgrounds of ONE FROM THE HEART (which CHOSE to use miniatures for BGS), anymore than I want ultracrisp new RP plates for CASABLANCA's driving scenes.

While I can see the failing in MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES' visual effects, I don't see any value in just switching them out for fancier but cartoony equivalents ... I COULD see remaking that movie though, because it is something that could be retold in a more interesting way than it was the first time.

But if the thread IS a waste of time, then somebody should close it.
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