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Re: Saw My First TOS episode!

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Why did NBC order NOT to include Majel Barrett? Is it because she is a woman? I am too young to understand the 60's view on women and race, sorry. I never liked "Number One" anyway, I felt she was emotionless and dull.
I think they did indeed say it was because she's a woman in the commentary/documentary (I forget what I was listening to lol) to that episode that's found on the remastered DVDs. I think the network felt a woman as such an authority figure was unrealistic.
It was in a similar vein to their use of the initials D.C. Fontana instead of billing her as Dorothy Catherine Fontana; they didn't want viewers to be put off by the fact that some episodes were written by a woman. Also, networks at the time were generally unwilling to hire female writers (I also heard at least one of these points somewhere on the DVDs)

Oh the '60's.
I read that test audiences (including women) reacted very badly to her - they couldn't handle the idea of a woman in the position of power and were saying "Who the hell does she thinks she is".

OTOH, producer Herbert Solow later claimed that this was not a reason, and that they were objecting to the actress, not the character, since she was pretty much unknown and cast for being Roddenberry's girlfriend. If that is true, than it's funny that they didn't object when she reappeared in a platinum wig as Christine Chapel.
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