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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

Thanks, Im not sure why i had a problem with it but it broke my Quicktime and Itunes and applications that use it like Second Life, even after i uninstalled it.

But since I have Windows XP mode with Windows 7, its easier to just use that, it plays all the SCs, Captains Chair and TNG Technical Manual nicely.

As for 64 bit Windows 7, I've found it plays more Star Trek games then Vista did, like Klingon Honor Guard is finally playable after all these years (it didnt work on Vista at all for me) it just has framerate issues. Also Away Team works nicely, same with Aramda 2. Ds9 Fallen would work too if i could just get the renderer changed to 3D Hardware, Software looks bad. And with Dosbox I have AFU, Harbinger, 25th and JR all working perfectly.

So far the only games i cant get to work at all are
Dominion Wars
New Worlds
Commander LenaMarie Nightfire
USS Xena
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