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Mr. X
Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

Thanks LenaMarie but I just found the solution to fix the problem, I thought I share it with you.

Here goes:
What I did was I installed Quicktime 6. 6 Also has the missing files. After installation I deleted the key programs but let the .dll's and other components that drive the extentions of the files needed for Starship Creator. It didn't interfere with the operating system (Win7) and solved the problem. It has still a scripting error of some sort but that is just one dialog that can be clicked away and everything works just fine.

So long story short:
Install Quicktime 6, uninstall Quicktime 6 but only the programs associated with it, not the mix and filter files.

I hope this works for everyone with the same problem.

Edit: Wow, I just read my own post in my head with LaForge's voice and it just sounded cool.
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