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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne in April!

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When I cam back to comics 5 years ago, after a 20 year hiatus, Green Lantern had turned bad and was dead, Green Arrow was dead, Barry Allen was dead. I knew these guys would not only be back but would return to their proper roles. The Silver Age remains where it's at. There's a reason all the superhero movies -and comics- keep retelling the stories from that era. They're our collective cultural mythology. The classics remain classics because we like them.
Bruce Wayne is back? This is news? Really?
Really? The Nolan Batman films seem to be anything but Silver Age.

The Marvel Silver Age was pretty good due to them introducing a whole slew of characters, but the DC Silver Age sucked. I'm sorry, but I look back on those stories and I just can't get over how over-the-top goofy they were, especially in regards to Batman and Superman. I don't care if they bring back characters or what not. But if they veer into the storytelling practices of the Silver Age, oy!
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