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Re: Saw My First TOS episode!

Thanks Anji, yes, I'm sure a job will come my way soon.

Alexander, I've seen approximately 5 episodes of TOS now and watching them in production order. I can't say it's better than TNG, DS9 or VOY but as much as I love ENT, I'd have to say TOS is better..........argh I hate putting ENT down but something about that show, even during season 3 and 4 isn't quite right. Out of curiosity, what is your favourite Trek? Mine is VOY.

The last episode I watched was "The Enemy Within". What I kept wondering to myself was why didn't they send a shuttle over to rescue the team on the cold planet? I know the real reason was because the shuttle was not thought of in such as early season and/or they had no model of a shuttle to film. Even if the weather down there was too bad to send a shuttle, they could have at least suggested it the show though... geez! Even without shuttles, they must have had escape pods, they could have crash landed one of those to keep the team on the planet warm, or replicate a gas heater or something! The crews whole attitude was "oh well, no teleporters, no help".
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