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Re: How Do They Animate?

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I thought those drawing tables were just an old cliche!
A few years back when Disney dumped 2D animation and before Disney's acquisition of Pixar, Pixar bought up all of their equipment. Now obviously Pixar doesn't create 2D animation but most of their animators are classically trained to some degree and they do a lot of preproduction work the old fashioned way. So no, not just a cliche

As already said in this thread, pretty much all animation is done digitally so now we're talking more like Wacom tablets and Cintiqs, but people will still do preproduction using those tables. Sometimes if you're just sketching out ideas, a blue animation pencil and an eraser are just faster!
Well, then, if I may ask, which do you prefer? Traditional, CG or a combination of both?

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