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Re: How Do They Animate?

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As I said, some styles of animation will do this. Some will not animate in that fashion because it isn't the look that they're after. The Simpsons, for example, does not animate their characters in this fashion.
Then how would you explain the Simpsons software's ability to perform free rotation of objects, which they have demonstrated.

The look is the same as interpolating keyframes by hand.
If it looks like it was interpolated, or tweened by hand then it probably was. You cannot recreate that look entirely in software without a lot of hand tweaking anyway because the software doesn't know what details are important and it also doesn't know what looks best in terms of anticipation, squashing, etc. That said, pretty much any animation project these days is a hybrid of many different techniques ranging from completely hand drawn (digitally) to full on 3D animation. But I maintain that the characters in the Simpsons are not done in the manner that you describe but instead the "old fashioned" way. That's the only way to get the look that they have. From some quick googling, I see that the Simpsons actually was completely tradition in terms of animation as late as 2003, which was season 14.
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