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Re: How Do They Animate?

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It isn't really reminiscent of 3D art at all
Their software allows characters and other objects to be rotated as you can with 3D models.
As I said, some styles of animation will do this. Some will not animate in that fashion because it isn't the look that they're after. The Simpsons, for example, does not animate their characters in this fashion.

An animation table, btw, looks like this. The pegs on top are for aligning the pages of animation paper in the manner that RobertVA described, but it's mostly done on paper and pencil first before being redrawn on transparencies. Behind the plastic circle (which can usually be rotated to aid in drawing) would these days be found a plastic light. I did some simple hand drawn animation when I was in school, though the most complicated thing I ever did traditionally was a basic walk cycle.
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