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Re: When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like "Avatar"?

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As a white person, I don't think I have anything to "feel sorry" for. Yeah, what white people did in the past was terrible and disgusting and I hate it. At the same time I haven't done any of it and neither did any of my direct ancestors. So I've nothing to feel guilty or sorry about.
Yeah, I never understood any of that crap.

If you go by those fanatics, slavery apparently didn't exist until Europeans came to the Americas. Nevermind all the African tribes that warred against one another, enslaved one another, and sold those slaves to the Europeans in the first place. Nevermind the Romans or every other single culture of old whose cultures basically revolved around them.

Also, devastating a local culture was a brand new concept made by the same Europeans. At no other point in history did one people oppress, slaughter, exploit, or cheat another people. It was a brand new concept introduced by the Europeans when they came to the Americas.

By the way, how's Tibet doing these days?
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