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Re: When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like "Avatar"?

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Naturally. But I don't think one can claim that the film is rejecting or not advocating a new age-type viewpoint because it's rational in that universe.
Well I'd object to the term "new age" in that context. Again the point has sort of been made by yourself that the Na'Vi really CAN talk to Ey'Wa and they really CAN commune with trees, which is a very different kind of thing to many "new age" practitioners, who lets face it are often massive wankers, to use an Eglish phrase.

I don't want to split that too thin, so im happy to declare the point moot if you are!

Beyond sci-fi and fantasy in general, any work with an agenda will show its agenda as rational and/or scientific. Such is the way of things.
I don't think Avatar has an agenda in the same way as, for example, Farenheit 9/11. It clearly has a MESSAGE about environmentalism but I think agenda really is thoroughly the wrong word.

If you want to say he has a viewpoint, fine, because he does, if you want to say he has layers - that's debateable at best, but I'll give you can make an argument for it. But not the villain? Heck no. He's like everything us Europeans find scary about American patriotism wrapped into one super-masculine package. 'Hoo-Rah! 'MURICA!' would probably be the extent of his defence of his actions.
But even assuming the Americans at their worst are exactly like the colonel (and lets face it, they are) does that make those types outright bad? They serve a purpose and thats that, and when let loose are extremely formidable.

You see a villain I see a professional US soldier, now it is quite possible that it is merely a matter of perspective. I might have a bit too much time for people who are professional, dedicated and detached at the expense of their humanity.

In terms of sheer scope of epic spectacle (as well as being a watchable, entertaining movie), I completely agree with this statement.
Oh that was how I meant it. Cinema should sometimes be a spectacle you simply cannot replicate on your TV at home.
I believe in a better world, so I love Star Trek. I have to live in this one, so I love Battlestar Galactica.
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