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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Indeed, Lemec would be ticked!

The music for the entire space battle sequence is "Storming New Caprica" by Bear McCreary, part of the nuBSG soundtrack, Season 3. In fact, if you go over to Ad Astra, there's a post I did in the forum that goes through a blow-by-blow of how the music lines up with the battle. You can very easily pull up that song on YouTube if you've never heard it before.

You are very, VERY right about Article 58. When I first read about it, it sounded JUST like Cardassian law, so I felt that including it would be a perfect--and sobering--parallel. I can tell you that while Macet's reasons are right, he does recognize the necessity of eventually overhauling the entire Cardassian government. While it might not sound like much to human ears, the fact that he spoke at all about eliminating Article 58, even in the "someday," is quite something.

I also think you're right that Dukat would've tricked his allies into doing it. Macet screwed up by asking Spirodopoulos to do it, but he was up front about what he was doing, the whole time, and that fortrightness allowed the mistake to be corrected.
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