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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Geez, Colin is such an unrepentant letch, but you just canít hate the guy! I can see how someone with his attitude (not to mention his wandering eye) might have difficulty serving in Starfleet, especially as an ensign.

Regardless, his presence obviously complicates matters both for Sarine as well as Benjamani, if nothing other than as a reminder of how closely the Presidentís office is keeping tabs on their progress (or lack thereof).

And now, as if Williams wasnít already interesting enough, we discover that her cousin is an augment? Whatís that make her, and if she does carry any augment genes, where does she place her loyalties?

Leave it to you to make an already complicated situation all the more deliciously entangled with the addition of just the right people.

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