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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne in April!

Re: Death of Superman

I'm sorry to bump this thread, but the idea of whether or not Supes was actually "dead" has been on my mind and I just now got a chance to crack open my TPB of the Return of Superman.

Here is what is explained in Superman #82:

Superman: But I wasn't dead! I was just in some kind of coma or something! Right?
Eradicator: Thoughts such as those may comfort you, but you must understand, you were categorically deceased, Kal-El.
Superman: Assuming you're right--
Eradicator: There is no mistake in what I have said. Doomsday killed you.
This exchange says, to me, that Superman was dead as a doornail after his bout with Doomsday. On the next page, they go over his resurrection:

Superman: You mean, if not for you, I'd still be dead?
Eradicator: Indeed. The death of the last Kryptonian awakened me...your termination actually compelled me to visit your body. My powers and the technology at your fortress were able to do the impossible.
Superman: You mean you can restore life?
Eradicator: Not quite. Though the conditions were ideal and your kryptonian body in Earth's enviroment was uniquely suited to the recuperative process, you had nearly extinguished your massive store of solar energies in your battle with Doomsday. Only by getting to you quickly -- and administrating the healing baths of the matrix chamber -- could I help. Another day, another set of circumstances...and your resurrection might not have been possible.
This suggests to me that Superman was able to come back with a combination of the Eradicator's abilities, the matrix chamber, and good timing.

Again, I must make mention that I do not know if this has since been retconed.
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