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Re: Saw My First TOS episode!

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deadman uk, may I ask how long you've been a fan?
In the late 90's I was bored and nothing was on TV that I liked. Since I am a sci-fi fan and BBC 2 was showing an episode of TNG, I decided to watch it. The next few days I found myself watching more TNG but at this point I didn't care if I missed it. A few weeks after, I found myself setting my alarm to watch it, and was hooked. I was confused though, what was that blurred face man (Odo) doing on TNG? why were the uniforms different? and why was Dr Crusher replaced with a man (Bashir)? Of course, it was DS9... I didn't understand at the time that there were different shows of Star Trek, I just assumed it was all 1 show. I didn't care for DS9 though so never bothered to watch it. It just seemed wrong. After I've seen many TNG episodes, I started watching VOY and loved it. I then made it my goal to get into DS9 which I did and also loved it. Of course, being a Trek fan, I watched ENT too which I found good but not great. So yes, I've been a fan for over 10 years.

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Gawd, aren't you up awfully early?
Yes, I am currently unemployed (looking for work) and have no other commitments at the moment so I stay up late and sleep all morning lol.

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However, NBC ordered a second pilot without the Number One character (Majel Barrett). Jeffrey Hunter declined to appear again as Pike, hence Shatner as Kirk.
Why did NBC order NOT to include Majel Barrett? Is it because she is a woman? I am too young to understand the 60's view on women and race, sorry. I never liked "Number One" anyway, I felt she was emotionless and dull.

Why did Jeffery Hunter decline to appear again as Pike? I really think he was great as the role of captain. I have not seen Kirk yet so I cannot compare him to Pike so I ask how much "better" is Kirk than Pike? or are they just equal but different?

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I envy you. I wish I could go back and watch all the TOS episodes for the first time again...

But yeah, you are in for a great ride. TOS is excellent, and you have many, many more classic shows to come.
Thanks, it seems I am in for a good ride.

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When I first watched TOS, I started watching TOS with The Man Trap, which was OK and I liked it enough, but then I decided to switch to the production order and watched The Cage - and it really blew me away. Great episode.
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These are the numbers following air-date order, not production order. "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was the 2nd produced (counting "The Cage" as the first), "The Man Trap" was the 6th, "Charlie X" was the 8th. The network or the studio often shuffles episodes around to give a balance to the variety of stories on a particular series (at least that's the theory; sometimes it just leads to viewer confusion as in the Firefly example above).
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If your inclined, do yourself a favor and watch the first 12 episodes in Production order, and NOT broadcast order, as for the first half season they had a lot of small internal continuity nods. For example The Corbomite Manuever (which IMO is the best Star Trek episode made because it really captures the essence of what 'Star Trek' was abount in 55 minutes (YMMV ) was the first episode filmed after teh pilot, but was the 10th episode aired because of all the SFX shots required for it).
Ok, I want to watch these in the "best" order possible so need you guys to help me. It seems I should watch them in production order so could people jot down the episode names for me please? I've only seen 1 episode so far, which is "The Cage" so what comes next for the best experience?

Sorry if I did not quote you all, but I have read all your comments and really appreciate your input!
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