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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

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The quality of the writing and performances and cutting and such is the main factor, I agree; but to me, the low-end production values of the live-action TOS shoots are a lot more disagreeable to the eye than most of the VFX shots (about half of which are totally watchable for me) ... on the other hand, the often cartoonish -R vfx have kept me from watching a full new ep in this incarnation, because it is like watching a movie rough cut with animatics in place of finals.
I agree w/ what you've written about the VFX shots. However (and I seem to be in the minority based upon others' posting) I still don't see many glaring issues w/ the live-action shots.

The other day, I saw the first really obvious flaw. In Mirror, Mirror, when Scott and McCoy climb the ladder to the little upper-level engineering room, I could see the seam where two wall pieces were put together.

Otherwise (and I am looking for them), I don't see any issues.

Pretty much every planet ground set on stage fails for me, (though most are better than early TNG like HIDE & Q) ... set materials and styling are not really period (60s-designed stuff looked cooler, which is why the chairs are the only real period thing in TOS), they reflect what was used -- wood.

I don't find any of these wholly objectionable, but I find all of them a lot higher up on the 'if you had to tamper with the original, touch me FIRST' than the visual effects, which are usually brief cuts that go right by (and I only find about a third or a quarter of them to be really flawed, some of the ship shots in TOS are really solid), and in their original form, don't have the low dynamic range flaws of the -r CG, which is what registers (to me) as cartoonish.
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