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ILM model shots in 1987 for Generations

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I'd say a properly exposed shot is always going to look better than one that has been adjusted in post-production
I'm in agreement with you. I was only using that as an extreme example of how much leeway you have when using film camera negative telecined to HD and are able to control contrast, color, and brightness in post production. In this case how that ENT episode TATV above looked using the TNG original footage for that shot.

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TNG's space shots also could have used some more dramatic lighting.
I just watched Generations SCE DVD and on the Okuda text commentary he mentions at 51:43. Also the saucer separation at 1:21:14.
This shot of the Ent-D was a reuse of film elements shot by ILM for the first episode of ST:TNG [Encounter at Farpoint].
The SCE DVD had a lot of dirt and hairs in that shot but it looks good. lots of detail and dynamic range.

I haven't seen the Blu-ray of ST:Generations but perhaps someone can comment on those two shots and how they look in HD on the Blu-ray considering they were created in 1987?
I think we all could agree both shots were from the 6-foot Ent-D model.
It goes to show what TNG-R could look like in HD for the ENT-D ILM-produced 6-ft model shots at least for Encounter at Farpoint and episodes using the stock shots from what ILM created.
It was also mentioned on the Okuda commentary that the 6-ft. model was also used for new shots in Generations to show the detail as they felt the 4-foot model didn't have enough detail for the big screen.
Who knows what the 2-foot model shots would look like in 1080p...probably a toy model...
This may also be one reason why a CG model of the Ent-D would probably be used for consistency as I've mentioned before.

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