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Re: When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like "Avatar"?

I tend to see white guilt as hardly an imposed thing. It's something voluntarily taken up by people who feel in some way responsible. It's like Germans feeling guilty for the Holocaust; though the only ones old enough to be any way complicit at this point are mostly nonagenerians.

It's an identity thing; actualy the natural consequence of say, patriotism or any other identification with a group.

Australis - Ah, but it also had to be the heroic white man. For that matter, the alien chick was played by a black woman from a foreign country. And so on.

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Making such movies is a good sign. Pretending that history didn't happen is worse.
what about global warming... our children are going to think we owe them a hugh debt for screwing the planet up like we did....
Avatar has a strong ecological theme, also. It suggests that we screwed up Earth for good and the whole thing is just going to happen again on Pandora.
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