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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Cap'n S: I've just been gettin' spiritual, as it were, three sheets to the wind an' all that good stuff, and less than compos mentis as I am, I cant really muster too sophisticated a review. So, you'll have to suffice with:.. That was terrific. Very exciting. I am terribly glad that you preserved the essence of Ianto (great name, by the way). I just re-watched "Star Trek: Insurrection" and "Star Trek Nemesis" (neither of which are as dreadful as many say) the other day, and I'd forgotten how much I liked Mr. Data (more than I enjoyed any of the TNG characters, really); I miss the android humanist, so thanks for Ianto.

It's the holidays, and I hope you are doing your festive thing if such is your druther. But I confess to hoping that you find the time and energy to write another chapter soon. SOON! Yeah, I'm a selfish bastard, but you're the one who hooked me.

Joel, thanks again for continuing the Restoration saga. Ever with baited breath, I wait.

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