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Re: When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like "Avatar"?

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That's exactly why I've never understood all this "white guilt" poppycock. I haven't done anything. *shrug*
No, but you (and I) benefit from a society built on a lot of bad actions by our ancestors. Personally, that means that I owe it to the people we crapped on to make the whole world a better place.
My white ancestors were too busy being oppressed by other people's white ancestors. I reject the notion that all the members of any "race" share a common motivation because of their skin color, the reality is far more granular then that and the implication that all white people (or the people of any skin color) represent a monolithic block is offensive. As to people who were crapped on, pretty much every society is built on the bones of others. Certainly we can learn from the mistakes of history and try to do better going forward, but I don't consider that "guilt."
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