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Re: When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like "Avatar"?

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It would have been innovative and interesting if James Cameron had made the same film with no white actors. Want to talk about racism? How loud would the screaming have been if the actors had been exclusively East Asia or sub-saharan African? It is doubtful if Cameron could of obtained financing for the film unless he cast whites as the main villians.

It was perfectly fine for Hollywood to cast asians as the evil heavies during the thirties and forties, now it's the turn of the whites. And it's equally racist.
It reminds me a bit of how Nichelle Nichols & Brock Peters were both very uncomfortable with a lot of the racial themes in Star Trek VI. In fact, Uhura was originally supposed to say the "Guess who's coming to dinner?" line. Nichols vehemently refused and the line was given to Chekov instead.
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