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Re: When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like "Avatar"?

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However, with Avatar, I think a somewhat legit case could be made against that. Jake Sully still fails to really excel at the Na'vi's culture, skills, and abilities, even by the end.
If you mean he doesn't speak their language... then yeah.

But none of that was really due to any kind of super-human badassery. The one was simply because he was the new guy, and didn't have the cultural experience preconceptions that probably kept most Na'vi from even trying, and the other was because he understood that the RDA couldn't be dealt with the same way the Na'vi handled other obstacles in their world, so he knew it would require more cooperation. Remember, the second one wasn't shown to require any real convincing or negotiation.

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But... it's still kind of disturbing in that in order for Jake to be truly a part of their civilization, he has to switch bodies.
The story was basically designed to excuse that... what with the legs and the toxic atmosphere and all. He would have been physically unable to join their society without the use of his avatar. And his main motivation at the start of the movie is to get the use of his legs back, so...
Yep. The story was shaped so that it was more of a symbolic (and literal) rebirth than it was "I have to sell myself out to be with the one I love."
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