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Re: Best Opening Movie Credit sequence of the Century?

A quick recap on what they are:

Wolverine - kid is at home and with friend Victor and have a nasty encounter with Victor's drunk father, bloodbath happens. claws pop out of the kid . The kid Wolverine thinks "OMG what have I done" starts running through the wild, next they are on a battlefield during the US Civil War, next invasion beaches in German-occupied France, onto Nam where by this stage his pal Victor has totally gone animalistic, lost his marbles, starts murdering his own troops and Wolverine looks less insane. At least Wolverine's a soldier with a conscience. Sequence ends with both in front of firing squad and Victor says 'Wake me when they're done' or something like that.

Casino Royale- a totally new take on 007 Franchise. Totally new opening title sequences, great playing card motif, its a long opening credit with its own unique credits. Lots of spy images, black and red cut outs fighting, imagery of roulette wheels.
The new Bond is very different, I give it credit for doing a great job but its one of those things that fans either loved or hated.

Watchmen - Music plays out the usual Raspy Bob Dylan voice....can't remember the track> Times are changing or something? Nixon or was it TrickyDick starts winning infinite consecutive election. Doomsday clock counts down as the USSR and USA face off, we get to see an alternative reality moving from WW2 into the Apollo landings and finally into a new cold War, this looks like one miserable Dystopia.

Lord of War - Life of a bullet. Nick Cage does great in this, another memorable song Buffalo Springfield For What It's Worth There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear theres a man with a gun over there.... We're following the life of a bullet from its smelting in a factor, to some Russian dude selling it to some militarist regime, following the bullet as it moves from boxes and crates. The bullet finally ends up inside the brain of some 16 year old African kid.

Sweeney Todd - really dark Tim Burton sequence
creepy organ playing, you really get the feel of evil and blood. The haunting atmosphere combined with the dark imagery sets the tone perfectly

Spider-Man. fantastic paintings from Alex Ross, some of which were recaps on previous movies. The second and first were extremely memorable, the 3rd not so much because they focused on CGI webs, sand or blackslime. First and second movie opening sequences really pays respect to the original Stan Lee comic books. Spiderman-2 probably has the best sequence the painting are works of art, the music is big, fun, loud and epic and Spiderman-2's credit sequence provides a perfect recap on the previous film.

Panic Room - NYC is dull, lonely, paranoid, everything is cramped and claustrophobic. The credits are bars, the typography crushes the people of New York inside a dark prison cell. Its very basic in concept but its execution worked wonders that critics still rave about this credit sequence today.

Sin City extremely faithful to its source material, the Sin City cast names are accompanied by the relevant character in their original comic book form. The music is great and we are introduced to a comic book city of gangs, prostitution and crime.
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