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Re: old TV transferred to HD from camera negative

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although as
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Generations plunged the "space hotel" into darkness, presumably in part to hide the wear and tear to the seven year old sets.
It would appear when you look at the ex-astris-scientia article that when telecined to HD it looks even well, brighter. At least more neutral and less contrasty than the TNG DVDs which makes the ENT-D interiors look more like a hotel.
But the TATV shot is deceptive, as it has been manipulated to match the scenes filmed in 2005. I imagine they've been graded, so who knows what the "original" shot looked like.
The point it Tomalak that on the TNG 35mm original camera negative is all this "information" that has always been there. The old telecines used and standard definition analog videotape media just never could capture all this "information" from the film itself back then.
Anytime you do a telecine transfer from a color negative you have to 'grade' it which to non film & TV people that means color, contrast, and brightness tweaking. And because it is the negative it could be 3 stops overexposed and it could still look perfect once finished.
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