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Best Opening Movie Credit sequence of the Century?

Credit sequences used to be hugely important to movies. But this decade they are rare and they are becoming something of a lost art. While I loved JJ's drama and action packed take on Trek, I can't say I remember any credit sequence at all. Ships in Trek go boom, Kirk is born in the middle of a space battle Next act Kirk a few years on steals his Daddy's car and plays beastie boys, next Bar Scene and still I can't recall any credit sequence in this Star Trek block buster. When people talk of the great classic credit sequences they might recall Donner's Superman with Christoper Reeve, the French Delicatessen, Mary Poppins, Cat Ballou, Aliens or the 007s.. The job of the Credit Sequence was two fold, first introducing the names of the cast and characters and second to let audience experience pace, music tone and themes film without wasting footage, or maybe even throw in a recap on previous films/books with stock footage However we do have some great sequences this century What was the best one for you?
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