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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

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And, for that matter, the new FX were not the point of remastering the series. The series was remastered to preserve the film.

I thought I just addressed this in another thread, but the film didn't need preserving. Properly stored, film is THE medium for long-term preservation. Digital storage needs to be shunted round to avoid signal decay, and actually costs more given the amount of hands-on to keep that decay from occurring. The outlay for proper storage on film is initially high, but is now practically a fire-and-forget, because unless you have a major trauma, the film is going to remain viable and not decay. (They no longer store stocks that turn from blue to pink in good conditions, like was the case in the JAWS era.)
Not disagreeing with what you say (mostly because you seem more on top of the technical stuff regarding film than I am), but sometimes the films do need to be re-transferred to keep them on good, current stock, but they also need refreshing from time to time to make new syndication master tapes. Not even considering overuse of physical tape copies, there's also leaps in transfer technology, and like it or not there are many people that will change the channel if a show is in black and white, or even if in color, is faded and overly grainy. That was likely a major reason for this project, and they happened to include the new FX as a way to help sell them into syndication. Let's face it, many of the FX were groundbreaking for their time, and were the product of hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears, but many of them were also victims of insufficient time and resources, and they can hurt the overall feel of the story. The quality of the writing can help people look past the day glo bridge sets and primary color uniform shirts, but when they cut to an exterior shot to show the enemy spaceship, and it looks like a kitbashed ERTL model, it just takes too many people out of the story.
Transferring to a 'current' stock would be unwise, since the stocks now have far greater latitude and would really mess up the look of TOS. The 'more advanced' stocks of the 1970s are the ones that decayed so fast that the water in JAWS turned pink before corrections were undertaken.

New tech, as usual, is not always better tech, but it is most often faster/easier tech.

The quality of the writing and performances and cutting and such is the main factor, I agree; but to me, the low-end production values of the live-action TOS shoots are a lot more disagreeable to the eye than most of the VFX shots (about half of which are totally watchable for me) ... on the other hand, the often cartoonish -R vfx have kept me from watching a full new ep in this incarnation, because it is like watching a movie rough cut with animatics in place of finals.
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