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Re: Adobe the year 2009's most hacked software

I am familiar with Photoshop LE and I know it has been around for ages. That does not limit the fact that one of the goals of Elements is to offer an inexpensive options for non professionals so they will consider buying it instead of getting a free pirated copy of Photoshop and that makes good business sense. Why would you assume I don't know the history of Photoshop, because I am not a tech head? (at least not by Trek BBS standards which is a big plus for me)

I was offering the point of why Photoshop is pirated and I understand why. For some professionals it may make perfectly good sense to buy it and for the average person apparently it doesn't and I say that is because of cost and a lot of hatred towards Adobe.

And yes I am asking why and how you took the time to learn programs that you do not use?
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