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Re: Does James Cameron Owe Poul Anderson Money?

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"he production company that made Terminator, Hemdale, and its distributor Orion Pictures, settled out of court for an undisclosed sum, "gratefully acknowledging" Ellison at the end of the film."

Sound more like they wanted to get rid of Ellison than anything else.

That's not how it works. Or do you know that?

They settled for a lot of money because they stood to lose much, much more. Entertainment companies are particularly eager to settle over these things when they know they're caught, because they don't want the courts setting precedents regarding their plagiarism (see Buchwald v. Paramount).

Cameron's people settled because they were caught red-handed, and for no other reason.

The lengths that people will go to in order to deny the reality of these things are remarkable.

Ellison won.
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